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Bonita Springs Fl
Bonita Springs Fl
Bonita Escape Room
Escape Hell Logo.png
Florida Halloween

A 1 hour, 3 room, pop up escape room


You will be following the life of John Doe through his... DEATH. You will be attending his funeral, following him to the morgue, and finally... INTO HELL.

John's fate is sealed to the fiery depths, but your future is up to you. Will you escape Hell or be trapped for eternity? Come and find out.


You have 1 hour to escape 3 rooms! In this pop-up escape room the players (5-10) are locked in and must solve puzzles and clues to get out! Be prepared to be spooked, jittery, and jumpy as you find keys to locks and clues to questions in order to ESCAPE HELL.

This escape room is only open October 27-October 31st, so bookings are limited!

All are welcome, recommended ages 10 and older.


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