Our Kiddie Korral is available for children 2 & under. This is a great place for you to be able to participate in the service while your children keep busy with toys and activities.

Join Pastor Travis and Ms. Stephanie for a trip across the tracks for a Bible Story and activities after our “Welcome” song! There will be an announcement to to dismiss the children! Please pick up your children after service at the playground. (Ages 3-11)

To old to be in Kids Church but too young to hang out with the grown ups? On Sunday Mornings, feel free to come join the Kids Church as a helper! In addition, we have Legacy Youth every Wednesday as well as outings each month! Watch the bulletin, mail chimp blasts, and our social media for dates and times.

Kiddie Korral

Kids Church

Legacy Youth

Wednesday Night Youth Group

Youth Group:                 meets at 6:30-7:30pm on Wednesday evenings, (middle & high school students 6th-12th grade) at Riverside Park for a service during the week where they can gather together to celebrate God and learn how the Bible applies to their everyday life.

Come join us at Legacy Youth each week! 


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