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Podcast: No One Left Behind

The Springs of Bonita Church

Pastor Russ Winn

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No One Left Behind Podcast

Welcome to the "No One Left Behind" podcast! Here at our church, we believe that life is full of ups and downs. It's not always easy, and we all have our fair share of hurts, habits, and hang-ups. That's why we're dedicated to creating a safe and non-judgmental space for all.

No matter where you've been or what you've done in the past, you are welcome here. We've all made mistakes and faced difficulties, but that doesn't define who we are or our worth as human beings. We want to help you see the beauty and potential in yourself and in others.

Our mission is simple: to know and follow Christ in real, authentic, and transparent relationships with Him and each other. We believe that by sharing our stories and supporting one another, we can find hope, healing, and a sense of belonging in community.

So, join us each week as we explore different topics.

We have been praying for you! Yes, you! Specifically, that God would lead you here on this very day.  We do not take that for granted and are grateful that you are checking us out.  We hope that you will feel loved as you join us at Riverside Park. At The Springs of Bonita, we are committed to helping you maximize your potential in life.  We are a church full of people that struggle daily with life’s issues.  We’re not perfect and we don’t pretend to be. When you visit, you will find people just like you, ready to welcome you no matter where you may be in life.  Let’s discover how to put past flops, failures, and fumbles behind us! It’s not too late for a new beginning!

Isaiah 12:3
…you will joyously draw water from the springs of salvation.


We would love to pray with you.


Pastor Russ and Angelia Winn Bonita Springs, FL church

Pastor Russ serves as the lead pastor for The Springs of Bonita.  God placed in his heart to pioneer an outdoor church that would reach across denominational barriers to include people from all walks of life. Russ has been a church planter, pastor, and evangelist, bringing over 30 years of ministry experience and has a heart to restore those who have experienced brokenness in their lives. Angelia and Russ enjoy a wonderful marriage and love spending time with their children and grandchildren!


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 September 2023

Summer Series

Living With Margin
  • YouTube | The Springs of Bonita Church

New Sermon Series

Living With Margin

This week’s message:

Making Space To Slow The Pace

Pastor Russ Winn

Have you ever said, "I'm overloaded. I just can't get it all done. I can't catch up"? Many of us feel like we're chronically rushed, chronically late, and chronically exhausted. We're overwhelmed by activities, choices, work, debt, and more, and we feel a constant strain on ourselves and our relationships. In this series, you'll learn how God designed your body to follow a regular cycle of work and rest, and how building margin into your life will lower your stress and tension and increase your peace of mind. Find out how living with margin will give you a healthier life, as well as make you available to be used and blessed by God.

The Springs of Bonita Church

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