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Pastor Russ and Angelia Winn


We are glad you are here on this beautiful day. We have been praying for you. Yes, you specifically that God would lead you here on this very day. At the Springs of Bonita, we are committed to helping you maximize your potential in life. We’re not perfect and we don’t pretend to be. When you visit, you will find people like you, ready to welcome you no matter where you may be in life. It’s not too late for a new beginning!               

Pastors Russ and Angelia Winn

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Sundays at 9:30 AM

North Riverside Park

Liles Hotel Historic Plaza

27300 Old 41 Rd,

Bonita Springs, Fl 34135

See You Sunday

New location!

Hello Springs Family! We are relocating to the North side of Riverside Park (Liles Hotel Historic Plaza) now through October. Our current location in the park will be undergoing exciting renovations!

*Kid's Church will also be relocated; they will now meet behind the butterfly garden. Look for the signs.


*Parking is available behind Riverside Park an across Old 41.


*Beautiful scenic view of the Imperial River and enjoy some fishing after service.


*If you have any additional questions or if you need any assistance reaching this new location from the parking lot, please e-mail us at 

Why outdoor church?

Outdoor church is such a unique concept. With the absence of walls in a service, we provide a laid back, non-judge mental, and peaceful atmosphere. With the laid-back feel of having an outdoor church we encourage the mentality “come as you are”. No matter who you are, what you wear, or where you come from- YOU ARE WELCOME HERE!


Outdoor church is also a beautiful, atmosphere to feel God’s presence!

What better place to worship God than right in the midst of His creation?


Services available

We have a one-hour, non-denominational service from 9:30-10:30am at Riverside Park that includes upbeat worship, and an inspiring, bible-based message. We are firm believers in teaching straight from the word of God! If you want to hear some of our past services, you can check out our sermon page.



During our 1-hour Sunday morning service, we also have a service designed just for kids! All Kid’s (Pre-K through 5th grade) are dismissed during service to their own Kid’s church that takes place in the kid’s potion of the park! This is a time for your children to enjoy learning about the Lord in the most fun, exciting way possible! We believe church is CRUCIAL to every child and we make it our goal to make Kid’s Church the best hour of your child’s week!


Life groups

We believe in CONNECTION! God created us to do life together so we have life groups to do just that- connect people so they can do life together! Whether it’s shore fishing, a bible study, or a quilting group- there is a place for you and people just waiting to do life together with you! (Link life groups page)


Information about Sunday Service



When you come on a Sunday morning to an outdoor church the 1st question, I think of is: “Where do I sit?”. The answer: we have chairs set up ready for you! There are also a few chairs pick up locations around the park so you can move them wherever you like! Of course, you are welcome to bring your own chairs, blankets, or whatever you’d like to make yourself comfortable!


Welcome center

If it is your first, second, or third time joining us on a Sunday, we would love to put a free gift in your hands and get to know you! Under a pavilion to the left of the main stage there is a booth that says “welcome center” is where you can pick up those gifts as well as collect information about what’s going on at The Springs!


Hospitality Tables

There are several tables located around the park, manned with our friendly greeters, that have the following items on them: Bulletins, offering collection baskets, and water! The bulletin has all the current information about our church and what events are coming up, as well as sermon notes and worship lyrics to help you follow along with us during the service! The water is available for everyone as well, we know it can be hot here in SWFL, and we want to make sure everyone is well hydrated!


Ways to serve

God has not only created us to follow Jesus’s example in doing life with others, but also to serve! At The Springs we have many opportunities for you to be more like Christ by serving! Serving opportunities include but are not limited to, being a greeter at hospitality table on Sunday mornings, set up and tear down team on Sunday mornings, folding bulletins on Thursday mornings, help in Kid’s Church on Sunday mornings. To volunteer to be a part of our serve team, contact Courtney at the Welcome Center! You can sign up to serve right here! (link ways to serve sheet)


Ministry House

While we are an outdoor church, there is a need for a building for various events - enter the Ministry House. The Ministry House is located on our 9-acre property owned by the church. (27061 Rue De Paix, Bonita Springs). This house is a home to the church office as well as the main location to many of our life groups! This space has been such a blessing to our church over the last 3 years since we purchased and renovated it and it is JUST THE BEGINNING! We have plans for the rest of the 9 acres to be turned into our own outdoor church! We LOVE our location at Riverside Park (where we have been for the last 12 years) but we often have to relocate due to city events and inclement weather. At our new outdoor church on the church property, we will not have to worry about relocating as it is a space we own and will provide proper cover for inclement weather situations. Our heart is outdoor church and that is a component that we will always keep, however, we are most definitely looking forward to all the conveniences that come with having our own facilities such as our own restrooms, children’s center, youth building, classrooms, outdoor pavilion (which will seat 1,000 people), parking lots & more! We are so excited for what God has provided in the Ministry House and we are believing with anticipation for what God is going to do with the rest of the plans to build our new outdoor church! (Link to ministry house page and or blog post)



In person

Each Sunday, in your bulletin there is a connection/offering envelope. You may use this to give any tithes and offering as well as update us on your information!

Online Giving

On our website or church app, you can give anytime, anywhere! You can also set up reoccurring payments for your convenience! We also have an online connection card that you can use to update your information as well! (Link online giving & online information card)


Watch online anytime

If you are unable to join us on any given Sunday, we have all of our services live streamed on our Facebook and YouTube channels! It’s as easy as clicking a button to keep up with each Sunday at the Springs!


Now that you have a good idea of what our church is like, we hope to see you Sunday!

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